Destination: The 606 Trail


Last week, several friends and I played hooky and met down at the 606 Trail. If you have not walked or biked the trail, I highly recommend it. I find that a lot of people choose to live in the North Shore neighborhoods because of the close proximity to the city of Chicago - so why not enjoy it?! You can take the Metra and get off at the Clybourn Station and walk a few blocks, or you can drive, park and hop on the trail. Located along Bloomingdale Avenue, the elevated 606 runs for 2.7 miles and has 12 access points (& 17 ramps for strollers, bikes and wheelchairs.) The trail connects 6 neighborhoods, and is maintained by the City of Chicago, The Chicago Park District and The Trust for Public Land. (Read here about how John and Steve Baird were instrumental in the development of the 606 Trail, and the continued support.)

What I love about this wonderful green space, is that while it connects several neighborhoods, it is really connecting people. While we were walking, we saw cyclists, runners, kids and commuters - a great cross section of the city. We walked on and off at several points to check out cafes, shops and restaurants. We saw new and interesting views of the city and wonderful street art. The mural at at Milwaukee and Bloomingdale Avenue by artist Jeff Zimmermann is fantastic, not just in it’s color and scope, but because the faces he painted are actual people that live and work in the neighborhoods. We watched a model’s photo shoot in progress and saw students studying on the benches.

The weather in Chicago this fall has been outstanding - and it looks like it will be lovely for the foreseeable future. Instead of visiting the pumpkin patches and apple orchards this year, take a day and enjoy the 606 Trail. Then come back and enjoy it at night - with the access to music clubs and theatre. (I highly recommend absolutely everything on the menu at Mindy’s Hot Chocolate!)  Walk, explore, get lost in a new neighborhood. Visit the 606 for Trick-or-Treating on Halloween. I would love to hear about your adventures!

Katie Hauser