10 Ways to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal in the Spring Market


If your home looks inviting from the outside, you have a better chance of getting a buyer to come in the house. The more buyers you get in the house, the better chance you have of selling the house. This is easy math, folks. First impressions are everything. I can’t stress this enough. If the outside of the home looks neglected, the buyer assumes that important home systems may be neglected. Here are 10 ways you can increase your home’s curb appeal in this spring market.

  1. Stand in front of your house and look at the home from the buyer’s point of view. How does the roof look? Are shingle loose? Is there moss growing? Are the gutters bent? Have the gutters been cleaned? If needed, call a roofer and have the roof inspected. Small maintenance fixes can make all the difference in appearance.  

  2. Look at the exterior of your home. Are any of the shingles askew? Do hedges need to be trimmed? Any touch up paint needed?

  3. Upgrade your landscaping by reseeding your lawn or laying sod. According to The National Association of Realtors, an upgraded lawn has ‘the highest cost recovery" - in layman's terms, the best bang for your remodeling buck. Read more here.

  4. Get your windows washed. Spring is a great time to clean the windows. A window washer can also wash and install screens if needed. Don’t underestimate the beauty of clean windows as seen from the inside of a home! After a long winter, nothing is more inviting than a home full of uninterrupted sunshine.

  5. Make sure your walkway is in good order. If you have a stone walkway, check for any loose stones. If it is cement, check for cracks. Is flagstone settling? Is there long grass growing between the pavers? Are overgrown bushes obstructing the walk? This is how buyers will begin to enter your home. Make sure they won’t trip or get snagged on a bush!

  6. Place a new welcome mat outside your front door. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. Traditional is always welcoming. Put a new entry rug inside your front door.

  7. Place a planter or planters by your door. Treat yourself to a beautiful container garden by  Muddy Gloves. (You deserve this for all of the hard work you have done to get your home ready for the market!) If you have window boxes, make sure the winter greens are gone. Pansies and ivy are hearty in cool spring weather and will give a great pop of color.  Avoid putting plants on steps that could easily be knocked over.

  8. Replace bulbs on any outdoor lighting. Make sure overhead lights are clean and free of bugs.  

  9. Paint your front door. This is a super inexpensive way to add a fresh look to your home and boost your property's curb appeal. Try an eye catching color - many are suggested in this House Beautiful article.

  10. Upgrade or replace your house numbers. Make sure the number can be read from the street and use landscape lighting so the numbers can be read at night.

Put the same attention into your backyard as you do to the front: sweep the patio, power wash the deck, dust off the lawn furniture and maintain the lawn. Mulch is an inexpensive way to make your landscaping, in front and back, look well groomed. 

Katie Hauser