with the right team in place, buying a home
can be....fun!

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buying a home, made easier

Congratulations, you’ve decided to buy a home! Now what? Hi, we’re MK Home and we will be your personal “real estate concierge.” We will start by making sure you are ready to go with my simple checklist.

Simple home buying checklist

  • SET A BUDGET: Your maximum budget may or may not be determined by a mortgage lender, but we recommend getting pre-approved as a first step. A pre-approval letter will tell you the amount a bank will lend to you, and the letter itself is almost always used as part of an offer package to show sellers that you’ve done your homework.

  • IDENTIFY THE DREAM: Now for the fun part! Even before we start looking at properties, we like our clients to paint a very detailed picture of their dream home. Where it is located, what it looks like, size, price, etc. Being specific upfront will ensure that when you find it, you know you’ve found your dream home.

  • START THE HUNT: Now that we know what we’re looking for, your home search should feel deliberate and efficient. We take the information you’ve given me, set up an automatic search that goes to your email, and go the extra mile to make sure we cast the widest possible net: I go to brokers opens to preview properties, and network with other brokers to find out what’s out there before hitting the market.

  • MAKE AN OFFER: There are multiple variables to consider when writing an offer, beyond just price. Will it be a cash offer or will you take out a mortgage? What is your preferred close date? Where can you be flexible? Depending on your priorities, we will put together the strongest possible offer.

  • ATTORNEY REVIEW: After our offer is accepted, we will initiate the lending process, and also attend an inspection of the property. We have a short list of recommended lenders, inspectors and attorneys we work with all the time that we will happily recommend.

  • CLOSE ON THE HOME: After your lender has finalized your loan (about one month), you will be “cleared to close” by your lender, and ready to sit at the closing table. We will attend a final walk through of the property to make sure everything is as it should be, (empty, and broom swept) and then the home is yours!


As with most things in life, buying a home is all about who you know. I am always refining and growing my network to ensure I work with the best and brightest throughout the North Shore. If you don't see a resource listed below that you are looking for, please contact me directly. Chances are we know a guy!


You may find a home but want to know if it is possible to add a master bath, or a second floor laundry, or a family room addition. A good
architect can walk through your potential home and address issues and possibilities.

John Vasilion
John is always willing to work with agents and buyers to point out options before the purchase, and wonderful to work with once you purchase!
Vasilion Associates, Inc



You will present the strongest offer if you are pre-approved for a loan. Your broker will be an important part of the entire purchasing process, start to finish, so you need to work with someone you trust. We highly recommend the following people. They are all excellent at what they do and are excellent communicators, which is very important in the entire process. 

Bernard Dugandzic
Key Mortgage

Joseph B. McQuillen
Chicago Financial Services

Bonnie Vasilion
Chase Bank, Senior Home Lending Advisor



Buying and selling real estate in Illinois is a legal transaction, and real estate agents are unauthorized to practice law. Attorney’s are key to advising you of your legal obligations and your rights in the contract. 

Randy & Tory Boyer
Zucker & Boyer, LTD.

Mark Cahan
Mark R. Cahan, Esquire


Both of these companies offer thorough home inspections and are very familiar with both the newer construction and older homes in our area plus, they are punctual and provide detailed reports.

Dan Carroll
Carroll Inspections

Ryan Foley
Spy Glass Inspections


Happ Movers

the latest + greatest


Here is your handy-dandy guide to the public schools on the North Shore that feed into New Trier High School and helpful links - the link to map at the bottom of the page is great!

New Trier Township Schools, Village by Village

Glencoe is in Glencoe School District 35
The kids go to South School, K-2, West School 3-4, Central 5-8.

Kenilworth is in Kenilworth District 38, and has one school,  Joseph Sears School, preK - 8th grade. 

Northfield is in Sunset Ridge School District 29. The kids go to Middlefork School K-3, and Sunset Ridge 4-8.

Wilmette has 2 school districts, Wilmette District 39 and Avoca District 37. Wilmette District 39 has 4 elementary schools: Central School K-4, all homes east of Green Bay Road; McKenzie School K-4, mostly the homes west of Green Bay Road and east of Ridge; Harper School K-4, west of Ridge, mostly north of Lake St, for the neighborhoods known as Indian Hill Estates and Kenilworth Gardens; Romona School K-4, west of Locust, south of Lake and also includes part of east Glenview. All of the above schools feed into Highcrest Middle School 5-6, which is separated by soccer fields from Wilmette Junior High School 7-8. (District 39 is the biggest feeder school for New Trier High School)
Avoca District 37 has two schools: Avoca West for grades K-5 and Marie Murphy for grades 6-8.
Avoca District serves parts of Northfield, Wilmette & Winnetka.

Winnetka is in Winnetka District 36. There are 3 elementary schools: Greeley, K-4 mostly east of Green Bay Road; Crow Island School, grades K-4, west of Green Bay, bordered by Pine to the north and Winnetka Avenue to the south; Hubbard Woods School, grades K-4, north of Pine to Scott and a pocket north of Tower, east of Green Bay Road. All of the schools then feed into The Skokie School for grades 5-6, then Washburne for grades 7-8.

In New Trier School District 203, the freshman go to New Trier West, also called the Northfield Campus. The upper classmen, grades 10-12, go to New Trier East, also known as The Winnetka Campus.

Go to  Great Schools, to help you search individual schools.

Click here to see the New Trier map, which shows ALL of the schools, the villages and the boundaries.



New Trier High School, The Winnetka Campus New Addition (October 2017)

New Trier High School, The Winnetka Campus New Addition (October 2017)